How many downloads do your apps get on average?

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Post » Wed Jul 02, 2014 12:48 am

Hey scirra community. I was just wanted to ask all you app developers ow many downloads do your apps get on average? I have 6 apps on the Windows 8 store and I get normally 0-2 downloads a day for the first five apps but last week I uploaded another app that receives about 25-40 downloads a day and now it has almost 300 downloads in 2 weeks. Is that good amount of downloads or is that just a average number compared to other games?
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Post » Wed Jul 02, 2014 1:22 am

Hmm, it's not really possible to compare as you have to take into account the app type, the genre if it's a game or story, etc. Then there's the graphical capabilities, the size of the app, whether it's paid or free.

For example, my free RTS game that I made in 3 days for a contest with C2 in December 2012 now has 2,805 downloads, but there's no way I can provide a good comparison to the other game that comes up in a Windows Store search for "rts" as it is $6.99 and has way better graphics, depth, and multiplayer capabilities. However, in the search of the Windows Store for "rts" I find that both their game and mine come up in the first 3 entries in the list. Assuming that the search is tailored to each user, that might not be true for other people, so even comparing SEO ranking is tricky :S
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