How many events is too much? / How should I "tier" events?

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Post » Sun Jan 04, 2015 2:13 pm

Once again the answer to my question miraculously shows up after I've made the initial forum post. Part 1 of my question is answered here forum/construct-2-event-limit_t78823

Also, as a part 2 to the first question, what is the best way to organize the order of events?
I thought I read somewhere that it calculates things in order, so I would think that everything relating to player interaction should come first, then enemies, and menus and systems last? Or does this not matter at all?
Would having a "Press X to Fire Object" at event #10 vs. #500 make a practical difference in gameplay?
Do event groups change optimization and calculation at all or is it just there for organization and the convenience of enabling/disabling an entire group?
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Post » Sun Jan 04, 2015 4:08 pm

As far as i know the order isnt relevent at all. You should arrange your events in a way which is easiest for you to understand and debug.
Groups are really there for organisational resons and allow the enabling and disabling of certain sections of code.
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Post » Sat Jan 10, 2015 12:44 pm

Order wise, Well, the sheet is read from top to bottom (this matters when you are using Else, or when two events are conflicting), triggers can be put almost everywhere without any difference (unless particular case where you have twice the same trigger, which is again a conflict case), also, all the active event sheet is read before the game goes to the next frame, so do not worry too much about if ennemies or player is first (event 10 or event 500 will still happen unless you have something preventing it in between).

condition wise, they are checked from top to bottom, so try to have the less demanding condition first if it is nessecary (for collisions that do not benefit from the collision cells, it can help sometimes), as if one condition is false, the others wonb't be checked, however as spongehammer said, in most cases, just do what is the most convinient, groups being disabled can help performances wise, but organisation comes first anyway and they are great for that too.
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