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Post » Wed Apr 09, 2014 9:11 pm

nimos100 wrote:
wow! 3109 events!! curious about that type of game haha good luck with that!! ;)

I have tried to categorize it my self, and end up referring to it as a political/strategic tactical roleplaying game :). But besides just being another roleplaying game where the player make a character and kill a lot of monsters, the player are not as close connected to a single character, rather than a group of characters, 6 at the same time in total. Which each can have different classes, abilities. But also it uses skills more in a real roleplaying style manner that you would find it in a game like warhammer if you know that, so its not just skills that boost attacks, but also skills like lore, economics etc. That is more the roleplaying part. And its possible to craft your own spells and magic items, pretty much without any limits. So for instant the idea is that the player should be able to make a spell that could summon a wolf, that when killed could also explode and cause sleep to everything around it, should they want that...etc.

The political part of the game is that the player choose one of his character to also be the leader or king of his own city which they have to manage when it comes to trading, resources, expanding the city to making sure citizens have food, jobs, handling of crimes etc. Which means that the player also have the ability to make judgement whether people should be jailed or executed for whatever reason. Which again will impact certain citizens for the better or worse. You also have to make sure that your citizens have jobs, as it is through the salaries that they buy what they need, so you could give them a low salary, just enough to keep them satisfy but this also encourage them to make crimes, leave the city and so on. This is more the local management.

The game also uses a global political system, meaning that the player is under the rule of a supreme ruler, which decide the rules for all the empires. Kind of like how you would find it in Game of thrones. And depending on who sits on this throne will greatly impact how the game plays out, as this ruler also have the ability to execute the player if they don't obey the rules, resulting in the player having to choose a new leader as well. Since its not a war game in the sense of moving military units the player can support one of the other empires that might want to overthrow the current supreme ruler and take control for themselves. So the player also have to play on the right horse as it will not be ignored that they tried to support such thing. Since the game uses a life cycle for each empire, the leaders of other empires doesn't live for ever, but will eventually die due to ageing, getting killed etc, and each leader have behaviours that either suits the player or not. Such as the ruler might actually be Greedy of nature which would cause the player and the other empires to pay a huge amount of taxes. But as a leader can also live for a long time, it might be in the best interest of the player to try to support a more friendly minded leader to be this supreme leader.

Then there are global effects, such as plagues spreading through out the lands, conjured by some evil guy, which is a way to make quests, which again are randomly generated, from long legendary quests like killing a dragon and obtain a relic, to small go kill a bandit leader type of things.

Guess that more or less the overall idea, so its a quite huge project :D But at the moment the strategic part of the game works quite well, Character creation, trading, expanding the kingdom, crimes, citizen management, handling of empires etc. So hopefully I will manage to keep on track and not loose control :D

WOW!! Really looks very very interesting and complicated at same time... The logical and Behaviours systems based in strategic and political events... I understand why you say that it's a huge project!! :shock:

I wish you luck and I hope you can show something soon ;)
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Post » Tue Apr 15, 2014 7:01 am

nimos100 wrote:>snip<

I am working on a project of similar scope. So to know that 3000 events +/- 1000 is a good goal for a first draft of a alpha is helpful. I am trying to keep it as tight as passable so efficiency is key. Working on that so much up front should mean better outcomes later.

I actually work on 2 projects at a time. My main which is a very large project that I am still in the stages of prototyping all the features before I begen integrating them together. And I saw @Sethmaster where you asked how that is motivating? I work on my main project till I hit a number of roadblocks that cause me to get just tired of looking at it.

So I will work on smaller things, mostly boring things that are more projects for skill building than anything. Which will feel like a chore after a week or so and after that point in the back of my mind I would have been coming up with solutions to my problems. And when I restart I am pumped and ready to take it on or have come up with ideas for another part that I had not done yet. So I begin on that while chopping away at the roadblock.
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Post » Tue Apr 15, 2014 3:07 pm

I work on about 3 projects at a time.
My main large project which is on and off
Any kind of contract work
And my mini games.

As a watch out don't confuse lots of events for a large game. My current larger game is hitting close to 2000. However upon reviewing my work months later after having worked on another project. I can probably halve the 2000, double performance and make the code more re-usable elsewhere. In fact I'm working on getting funding to just spend some time re-factor the code. Would reducing my events from 2000 to 1000 suddenly cut half the content from my game?

Historically in the early days of programming. Programmers used to judge them selves base on the KLOC. Thousands Of Lines of Code. Programmers would boast a higher KLOC. It was until later when programmers became better and found that what one person could do in 1 KLOCK another could do in 100 lines with better performance.

However having said that. I really really want to see this strategy political tactical rpg. The idea sounds great. Nimos100 you have any screen shots. You game does sound tasty :)
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Post » Thu Apr 17, 2014 3:12 am

Personally, I prefer to work on only 1 or 2 projects at a time. Too many at once and I run the risk of losing focus...
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