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Post » Sun Jul 16, 2017 6:03 pm

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Dear fellow developers!

So you want to monetize your app, but Intel XDK, Cocoon and phonegap are giving you a hard time? Or perhaps you just can't get anything to work despite your best efforts?

Fear not! I am here to save you from your misery and show you how to add ads to your app the easy way!

1. In Construct 2 extract your project as Cordova (no need for admob object)

2. Open the extracted project in Intel XDK, add icons, edit package name etc. ready for release.

3. Intel XDK cloud services are discontinued, so you can no longer build an apk, so click the build button and you will be presented with a .zip file.

4. Go to , sign up and upload your file, then download the apk. once it has been built.

5. Go to admob and create your ads.

6. Go to and download the wrapper software.

7. Create account on the vmax website, and set up monetization

8. Get your admob ca-pub id's and paste them into the vmax setup.

9. Copy the adspot ID

10. Run the wrapper, and input the adspot ID in the relevant section (either start up ad or close ad, or both)

11. Wrap the app, and make sure you sign it with your keystore file, if you don't sign it you will get a parse error when installing the app on a test device. (and you need to do this anyway to upload to playstore)

12. Go to the dashboard on VMAX website and submit your app for verification.

You now have a .apk with ads, congrats! Until the app is verified only VMAX ads will show up, but once it is verified admob ads will be displayed.

Good luck!
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Post » Sun Jul 16, 2017 6:48 pm

12 steps to do in various places just to get the ads working? How come you find this easier than using some Admob plugin? With Cocoon it's literally just about to add the plugin and trigger the ad with one action. Then in Cocoon panel just install ads plugin with one click on "Install" button. That's it.
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