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Post » Sat Mar 12, 2016 8:52 am

Hi, here is my question:
a sprite with LOS behaviour (in its default config) has its LOS blocked by the first encountered "Solid" object, but (IMHO) a clear LOS to that object should be present (if my player is shooting to a column of Solid tanks, at least the first one should be reachable...)
But, on the contrary, it appears such a blocking object is considered out of LOS by C2.

EXAMPLE: try the C2 stock example "Line-of-Sight" (i.e. the one with Player, walls & pigs). Add the "Solid" behavior to the pigs, and no one of these will be longer in LOS, neither the nearest. Of course, if you change the parameter "Obstacles" of the behaviour from "Solids" to "Custom", all works fine.

Does a simple workaround exist? thanks! :D
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