how to get c2 to pick the object/s i want it to?

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Post » Sat Aug 03, 2013 11:19 pm

i've been trying to use tutorial to get the enemies on a game of mine to detect the player and trigger another bahavior (just walk up to the player and wackem)

here is the .capx

but doing exactly what the tutorial tells you causes only the nearest enemy to react, even if others are in range.

the tutorial tells you how to cause all enemys to concider shoting a the end but it flat out doesn't work ,the thing he tells you to remove causes all the lines to turn,instead of only the nearest, the same doesn't happen to the enemies ,probably becouse one of the commands still tell the event to pick the nearest enemy ,but if i remove that ,only one of the enemies (the first i included on the kayout it seems)will reach as it should.

i want to make it so that every enemy that gets withing range reacts, not only the neares.
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