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Post » Sat Aug 01, 2015 8:51 am

sprite wrote:Think out of the box to draw attention! Put the url on your bumper sticker or your t-shirt. Ideally with catchy graphics.

Remember, you're competing with huge corporations who spend millions of dollars on advertising their product. You have to find your niche.

Even if you create the best game in the world, nobody will play it if they don't find out about it.

That's because of the heavy marketing the huge cooperation makes
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Post » Sat Aug 01, 2015 8:54 am

Tokinsom wrote:It's pretty simple. Make a good game. People talk about good games. All the marketing and promotion in the world is useless otherwise. Sorry to be so blunt, but flappy bird / space invaders clones with public assets and a game where you tap squares aren't the most appealing. There's an ocean of amazing work out there and it's gonna take more than that to get noticed.

    im not arguing with u so we dont have a conflict later ok?:D i totally agree with your statement.. just want to add something, so other people that dont have time to explore the google indexes to just read it here.

coming to the above quote... @Naji
well those are exceptions.. similar to the guy who wanted to make potato salad on kickstarter for a 2 usd goal and got 50,000 usd that only proves, the power of "stupid people in masses" or how i like to call them... "The SPM statistics '

flappy bird they got that success after some popular youtube gameplayers starting doing videos about it.. however tooked around 5 months before it went viral or even more.. the guy who made it dident done no advertising at all.. just uploaded it and what happens happens, since was a small stupid game in his opinion. but then the masses i was talking about got so frustrated and annoyed by it that shared it to their friends.. which got the same reaction... that also proves the old saying " monkey see... Monkey do" so yea its a bunch of stories out there.. how to build it to make it viral ( but thats called branding.. and there are plenty more..) in the end there is only 1 way ... advertise .. no matter if its bad or not.. cause if its bad and u get a lot of attention you release version 1.2 which will be better right? then u can achieve the viral status.. cause in 1.2 you will know what mistakes you did and you will try to see what people wants from it, and what attracts them :D well kinda thats it, and remember always be active, post new content, updates,have fun and dont forget to eat in the brakes. even though i dont follow my own tips... just because im lazy not cause they are not true...

look i was talking with this woman, from an advertising company that i wanted to hire for a campaign on indiegogo.. and i know her for a long time, she told me .."why wold you want to pay ... for something you already can do"
.. its not that difficult.. the advertising companies does same thing... there is always a starting point.. so either you can build your own social media around your product.. and brand a name for the developer or pay thousands of dollars in advertising and CPM rates.. for 1000/1usd-5usd views that has a 1% click rate and 0.5% follow trough... so in end its your decision what you want to do.. but remember... there is no game developing team.. made out from 1 person.. there is always media people for it, tech people, graphic people and so on... look closer around us... take Scirra for example its a great product... but a limited advertising power.. because its still in progress... right? its only 2 people doing it till lately when started expanding.. but its hard to build something, blog it, answer questions, keep track of logistics, and many other issues that comes with a incorporated business. and by hard i mean requires time... its not physically hard.. its more mentally brake down hard.. it becomes tedious work at some point. so the easy way to do it its by adding members to team, members that shares same points of views, and know what they want, and you can count on them.

also innovating and polish the product as much as you can before you start advertising, come with new fun products, new ways additional stuff, you know Steve Jobs (i know he was an asshole,but... he knew how to innovate and how to push people at their limits)....said ones... "people wont know what they want until they see it" ... so there is no way you can fail at doing something unless your not doing it at all.

and remember there is no bad advertising..

i think this is the 10th edit i do.... as you will see the replies to your post, in end comes to marketing, no matter what the reasons are behind it or how to achieve it ... its called market research and advertising...

either advertising by natural growth .. by doing good content , graphical wise or theme ... or just pure SEO
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