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i am running win7 on an acer 7736z laptop, 3gb mem, intel gma 4500m,

i am having alot of trouble to get music or sound to work with my game. i have tried to import from aac files, mp3 files, wav files, i even preconverted some files to ogg and still cant get any sound. usually when i try to import a file it always says it cannot be converted to ogg format, but i can see my files as an aac format file under my project folders(music, sound) when i try to add an event to play a sound, it always tells me to import some audio files first, when i do have them imported, not sure how to proceed. i have tried a vareity of sound files but none of them will work
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Post » Tue Nov 29, 2011 12:36 pm

You should take a look at the "Audio" section of the how do I FAQ you might get some help from here.
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