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Post » Fri Jun 24, 2011 11:26 pm

[quote="Ashley":d4tymd29]As for your other test, it probably still is only measuring small-object draw performance. A test that checks the raw event running performance - perhaps a 'repeat 10,000 times' event performing some simple action - would be interesting. I might make one![/quote:d4tymd29]

Aw, DUH - fixed behavior speed test, with invisible sprites:

CC: 25,000
Firefox 5: 3188 with a small window, can't even manage 60 fps with the window maximized
Chrome: 11,000
IE9: 5471 if window not maximized, 100 if it is. Weird that performance in Firefox and IE gets hit so hard by the window being maximized! It's a 1080p monitor, by the way.

EDIT: Here's an event speed test too:

CC: 385fps
Firefox 5: 41/21 maximized
Chrome: 41
IE9: 38/22 maximized
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Post » Sat Jun 25, 2011 12:21 am

Card: RadeonHD 4650

Construct Classic: 995 objects

Construct Classic 2nd run: ~580 objects

Construct 2, Chrome: 255 objects

Construct 2, Firefox4: 566 objects

Construct 2, Chrome 2nd run: 263 objects

Construct 2, Firefox4 2nd run: 567 objects

I don't have IE9 on my stationary pc so I didn't test that.

I did have some stuff in the background though so it might not be 100% accurate. Was msotly curious what the numbers would be. Will probably try it tomorrow with the computer freshly rebooted and see what the difference will be. (I think it's worth doing tests like this with stuff running in the backgroun in addition to test with nothing else running, because the games will probably be running when other stuff are running as well.)
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