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I'm far too little technically savvy to say if this is interesting or not, but i just saw this on my Twitter Updates. Don't know if it's better or worse or anything like NW.js but maybe it's of some interest to people here ;)


From the Website:

There's plenty of tools to help you create phone and desktop apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. These tools tend to involve a LOT of work and a lot of knowledge of web development to get up and running. This fine for me. I've been doing web development for 10 years. It's not so easy for everyone else. So, while porting Killing Time at Lightspeed to mobile, I decided to strip out all my compiling code, clean it up and make...

HTMLE Helps To Make Life Easier

HTML goes in, games come out.
HTMLE is a project template and a set of scripts that take care of a lot of the work involved in setting up these tools and simplifying everything.

How HTMLE works
It copies your main folder to a temporary location
It copies in extra files specific to whatever type of build you're doing (overwriting any files that are there)
a) Builds that HTML folder to a PC/Mac/Linux app or
b) Zips the HTML folder and uploads to
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