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SabinX wrote:I've got only one doubt left... Do I have to take my game out from the GameShop to submit it to this new service? I read it's like a new GameShop for HTML5 where you're gonna publish the game to amazon and other appstore and besides you're gonna offer the game for non-exclusive licenses, so that sounds like the normal GameShop shouldn't be used for HTML5 games now. Am I wrong?

No, you don't. We encourage you to keep it in the GameShop for the time being. We currently don't have a way for publishers seeking to license games to view our mobile platform catalog, so we refer them to the GameShop. We're actually working on something really exciting to help with that, and make buying non-exclusive licenses of HTML5 incredibly easy for publishers.

retrodude wrote:...you should try contacting Ashley or Tom to remove restrictions for your account, I think they would do it since fgl provides services to html5 users (which includes construct users as well).

Good idea, I'll try ;)
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