I got a free apple from work :D

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Post » Sun Sep 28, 2008 8:14 pm

[quote="David":o2n98dtj][quote="AsparagusTrevor":o2n98dtj][quote="David":o2n98dtj]I'm a windows user through and through but today the IT guy at work gave me apple! I work at a newspaper creating adverts[/quote:o2n98dtj]Cool, same job as I do, designing adverts for a newspaper company. They never gave me a Mac though. Maybe they would if I did something wrong though, like a punishment or something.[/quote:o2n98dtj]
Ah awesome! :D I wonder how similar it is to my job...do you have sales reps and are they annoying and try to get you to do the impossible....like open a photo of a businesses building that was taken on a VGA camera phone, and expect you to extract the logo off of the window of the business :P ?[/quote:o2n98dtj]Yeah, that's pretty much it. The sales reps don't have a clue what it actually possible, and they can be so ridiculously stupid sometimes. Once I was provided with a scanned in photo for a birthday advert, and they'd scanned it with a paperclip going over the guy's whole face! When I queried it, they rep asked, 'Can't you just take it off?' Yeah, I'll just reach into the screen and slide the paperclip off!
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Post » Wed Oct 01, 2008 4:48 pm

ya i have some of those macs in my digital design class. (we also have a few mac pros which i managed to snag to use during class :mrgreen: ) anyways macs arent well suited at all to do things like game creation and use third party apps :| . frankly i dont really see the point to a mac besides being expensive but user friendly to the computer illiterate. They arent even that stable IMO. ive used macs at school for a few years and have encountered some pretty serious bugs. one of which involved the internet browser dieing everytime i would click on a text bar to search something! (ie. google) :shock: nice ui tho. yay :( (also i hate the mac mighty mouse! hate hate HATE HATE it! no control whatsoever.
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Post » Fri Oct 03, 2008 9:08 pm

im in consensus with davioware who ever he may be (not that i would know who he is in any way)
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