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Post » Wed Nov 26, 2014 8:19 pm

Synaptop's website appears to be evolving, and my games are amongst some of the apps that have gotten external pages for them. Therefore I took this opportunity to update my posts for some games to link to the new external pages (with screenshots!).

All the listed apps are completely free.

Girl Meets Boy
A 2 player co operative platforming game which uses a combination of the Multiplayer plugin for real time networking and the Synaptop API for multiplayer event communication.
Includes 10 levels, each a challenge or introduces new concepts/objects into the game.
Synaptop Page: Girl Meets Boy
Forums Post: Girl Meets Boy

Checkers + Chess
Classic games with official rules
Synaptop Pages: Checers Chess
Forums Posts: Checkers Chess

Pictures With Friends
A picture guessing game with customizable cards and supports many players.
Synaptop Page: Pictures With Friends
Forums Post: Pictures With Friends

A match the pictures memory game that supports single player and multiplayer.
Synaptop Page: Memory
Forums Post: Memory

Cards vs Mankind
It`s almost like playing apples to apples or cards against humanity.
Synaptop Page: Cards vs Mankind
Forums Post: Cards vs Mankind
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