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Post » Thu Nov 17, 2011 8:30 pm

Hi all,

Just thought I would post a quick message to say a BIG thank you for Construct 2.

I am not a programmer, well I did do a little Pascal about 15 years ago at local college.

So far I have gone through the beginners guide and done a little searching here on the forum, then started to do a similar game, but adding a few different features.

I have two enemy, although the first smaller enemy you cannot shoot, but if you move over it, you kill it and it spawns a larger enemy at a spawn point (still need to figure out how to get variable number of enemy from spawn point when triggered, and how to set the location of the spawn point to a random location)

You only have 30 rounds in your weapon at the start, but this can be increased or reloaded with ammo pickups. Similarly you have a set health, which decreases if in contact with main enemy, and can be replenished with health pickup, unless you hit 0 then it is game over.

One of the problems I am having at the moment, which is bugging me is I am trying to display ammo, and health using a text object, like in the end of the tutorial, but I only seem to be able to display one or the other. Do I need to have two text object? Display one string in one and the other in the other? How do I assign one string to one...

And yes I just figured that out, and got it working, sometimes you need to think things out vocally I suppose.

Anyway, Just wanted to say Thank You for all your hard work

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