I need help creating a cryptogram game.

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I'm having a problem creating a cryptogram word puzzle, does anyone know how I can set up the event sheet so that when the player matches all the letters in the puzzle correctly they win that particular level.

So far I've tried
When button is clicked and edit box(compare text) is "matching letter" add 1 to global variable


When button is clicked and global variable equals "number" play chime sound and go to next layout.
When Button is clicked and global variable does not equal "number" play buzzer sound and set global to 0

It worked for the first crypto gram but the second puzzle I don't know what happened, I've even tried using the for each condition to try to get it to work, what am I missing?

Thanks in advance

P.S if you have suggestions on how to make the game even more fun that would be greatly appreciated, so far I decided I want to use a flower background with a slow warp that makes it seem like the flowers are waving in the wind and maybe some classical music.

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