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I Wanna Be The Co-op is a game based off the famous title I Wanna Be The Guy. This challenging platformer will push your skills to the utmost limits. The whole game took me about one year to make and is centered around the unique multiplayer experience. It is recommended to play in co-op but a single player mode is also available. Meet with various characters from famous game licences across 4 stages and fight tons of epic bosses. A browser version and a Win32/OSX/Linux version are available.

It is heavily recommended on your first playthrough to play on Normal mode. Works best on Chrome.

Arrows - Move
Shift - Jump / Double jump
Z - Shoot / Use power
R - Restart to the current save
These controls can be changed through the Options menu.

Play the game NOW !

Have fun !


Q: The game is not running.
A: Try to update DirectX using dxwebsetup.exe.

Q: I am stuck on "Waiting for players" screen.
A: Try these solutions:
- Make your friend host the game if it is not working for you.
- Make sure your network configuration does not block large port ranges (so peer-to-peer traffic can work).
- Your network configuration must not block WebRTC connections.
- Turn on NAT in your router.
- If you are using the browser version, you must both use the same browser (Chrome is preferred).

Q: What is the difference between Medium, Hard and Master ?
A: Medium: Less spikes, less boss phases, slower attacks, less bullets. No secrets. For players new to I Wanna be the Guy fangames.
Hard: Intended difficulty. For experienced players.
Master: More spikes, extra boss phases, quicker attacks, more bullets. For hardcore players. It is not recommended to play this mode on your first playthrough.

Q: The other player is invisible on my screen.
A: Reload the game.

Q: I reached a secret boss but it restarted on the previous boss.
A: Reload the game.

Q: Can I play on browser and my friend on this standalone version together ?
A: Of course as long as you are both using the same version !

If you find any issue or if you want to support the game, reach me on:

*Twitter - twitter.com/nemega
*Twitch - twitch.tv/nemega
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My only complaint is that when you restart you shouldn't have to start the ENTIRE level over from scratch (like pushing buttons and things). It can get pretty frustrating after a while. And while I understand that's what you're going for, you still need to make it enjoyable while still frustrating. Great work so far though :)

Edit: This is after playing the singleplayer mode
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