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Centra wrote:I saw your game on Steam a while ago and immediately knew it was a Construct game :D I was also a bit jealous/motivated. That being said, congratulations on pumping out a game, and getting it out there! It's not easy, we all know that.

I'm working on a different kind of simulation, closer to sim tower and I'm wondering how you managed performance so well? I'm assuming from the amount of detail in the dinosaurs (stat wise) that they probably don't just disappear when off screen. How much did you utilize the timer behavior, if it all?

Your experience with many variables and optimization is invaluable. I'm just wondering if you'd like to share any optimization tips not found in the manual, especially for handling large amounts of variables and different kinds of persistent objects which (presumably continue to exist and develop while not on screen) if in fact that is the case.

Hey! You guessed right, dinosaurs don't just disappear when off-screen, just like everything else (except rain/snow or decals/effects), this because everything is permanent and emergent (it's the main concept of the game!).

Performance are not so well compared to what a native, non html5 export would do, but it is relatively well because it can scale depending on computer power: i've added tons of game creation options to reduce the number of objects in the game (such as island size, terrain quality, fertility etc). The main performance killer is, in fact, the number of objects rendered, and DinoSystem has plenty, from terrain "patches" to seeds, plants and animals.

My main performance tip would be to avoid the engine to perform work on every instance every frame (by applying timers wherever possible), and to know and control how many objects the game has to draw and calculate in the layout.

Also, creating an instance is less performant than just moving one, so if you need to use a sprite for collision check or other things, it is advised to use just 1 sprite that is moved to whatever position is needed (using for each where needed, but try to avoid doing it every frame).
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Post » Mon Feb 29, 2016 11:50 am

hey man, i'm watching your S.T.E.P. on skyrim ;) and doing my guide from it / derived from it, like what you guys are doing there :)

i'll have to give myself a try on your game, seems fun and interesting, i'm currently too busy to start developing my own, but i have some ideas aswell :)
Sea Monsters template - Isometric
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