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I'm fairly new to game development and for years my friends and I have been wanting to make a card game that runs similarly to this online card game: www.urban-rivals.com I need to have a database so I can access which cards each user has and it needs multiplayer functionality. I've been trying to decide on an engine and I think that construct 2 would be great. I'm just not sure if it can import data from other sources or can match players up to battle. I thought about hard coding my game in html5, with node.js to access the database snd using webSockets to pair players up against each other. But I would much rather use an engine to do most of this if not all of it lol. Would construct 2 be a good choice? landogriffen2012-12-19 15:40:32
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Well, there is a socket plugin here that might help http://www.scirra.com/forum/plugin-zack0wack0s-socketio-mod_topic56503_page1.html, not sure about the best way to get database data (server-side xml file?), but yeah Construct 2 should be able to speed up the process a bit
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