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Unhandled exception at line 18388, column 3 in ms-appx://40010atomicroderickdigita.bluejayway/c2runtime.js

0x8000000b - JavaScript runtime error: The operation attempted to access data outside the valid range

If there is a handler for this exception, the program may be safely continued.
Code: Select all
this.currentApp["requestProductPurchaseAsync"](product_, false).then(
      function () {
         if (productLicenses["hasKey"](product_) && productLicenses["lookup"](product_)["isActive"])
            console.log("[Construct 2] Product '" + product_ + "' purchased OK");
            if (self.onpurchasesuccess)
            console.log("[Construct 2] Product '" + product_ + "' purchase failed (cancelled?)");
            if (self.onpurchasefail)
               self.onpurchasefail(product_, msg);
      function (msg) {
         console.log("[Construct 2] Product '" + product_ + "' purchase failed: " + msg);
         if (self.onpurchasefail)
            self.onpurchasefail(product_, msg);

https://www.dropbox.com/s/2x6qbm1zarftx ... me.js?dl=0

Anyone have any knowledge in this area?
Actually the only IAP system I've had any success with is the Metro Plugin. That was all pretty easy. Now trying to find a way the display ads and an IAP to purchase removeal of those ads, in Windows Phone, Android (and probably iOS) has proved impossible. For me anyway. And I'm getting pretty frustrated.
I've been at this for almost a month now. I'd like to move on to creating some great games. I have several in the works. All the tutorials seem pretty dated. Two years in computer years is like 50 human years.
Any good help would be appreciated.
If I can get this solved then I'll write the tutorial!
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