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Ice Cream Memory — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

Ice Cream Memory is a unique and fun games. you can know and improve your memory skills through this game. how to play is very easy, you have to make ice cream according to the image displayed, the image of ice cream will only display a few seconds, after which you need to make ice cream according to the image shown previously. Also there is a time limit for making ice cream. if the ice cream that you created is not the same as the picture shown previously, the ice cream that you create will go in the trash.

This game can be played via smartphones and desktop


  • Included CAPX (Source Code)
  • Share Button (facebook & twitter using url)
  • Leaderboard Highscore with player Name using PHP & MySql
  • AJAX object
  • Array object
  • Advanced Transition Effect
  • TexBox (submit player name)
  • Layout Transition
  • Landscape & Potralit detector (mobile)
  • Colorful Graphics
  • 960x540 Screen Resolution (Suitable for mobile and desktop)
  • Familis Object
  • Mouse & Touch supported
  • Random Ice Cream Preview
  • Substract timer
  • Player lives
  • Include Sound & Music
  • Easy To Reskin
  • AdMob ads supported
  • Cross Platfrom

Requires third part plugin:

  • Layout Transition

All plugin included in package

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