India Game Developer Summit Announces Program and Speakers

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Summit Draws Endorsement and Support from IGDA, NVIDIA, Adobe, Ubisoft, Playdom and more

Bangalore, February 18, 2010: The highly individualistic nature of the Indian Software Developer, coupled with their tolerance for divergent personalities make them a natural fit into the game development culture. India Game Developer Summit 2010 (Lite Ed) is being organized with the mission to pump the blood of Indian game developers and re-invigorate the ecosystem at large. India GDS is the quintessential Indian game industry event focused on inspiring, connecting and educating the Indian game developer ecosystem. Featuring top-notch keynotes from luminaries, visionaries and gaming gurus IGDS has announced the line-up of speakers and stellar sessions covering everything from GPU Computing for games, open source for your game development, bootstrapping for mobile game development, high fidelity dynamics in games, leveraging flash for your games, lessons from the trenches on becoming an Indie game developer to much more. The summit will be held 27 February 2010 in Bangalore.

The first of its kind in India, IGDS provides a high quality summit experience where the most intelligent minds and proactive gaming organizations converge to create a high-quality learning experience, and inspire, connect and educate the Indian game developer ecosystem.

Featured speakers at IGDS 2010 include Carl Jones of Crytek, Ashu Rege of NVIDIA, Harish Sivaramakrishnan of Adobe, Keita Iida of NVIDIA, Philippe Vachey of DSK Supinfocom, Robin Alter of Kreeda Games, Tridib Chowdhury of Adobe, Rev Lebaredian of NVIDIA, Sumit Gupta of BitRhymes, Hemanth Sharma of Adobe, Simon Green of NVIDIA, Varun Nair of Blue Frog, Krishna Pediredla of Drona Labs, Jithin Rao of Ubisoft and Imran Khan of FXLabs. The program includes:

GPU Computing for Games
Introduction to Stereo 3D for Games
Challenges in Managing the Lifecycle of a Multi Platform Mobile Game
Create, Distribute and Monetize your Games using Adobe Flash Platform
Building Gaming Experience for Mobile & Devices
Becoming an Indie Game Developer
Technology And Market Trends In The PC Game Industry
Open Source for Your Game Development
Bootstrapping for Mobile Game Development in India
High-fidelity Dynamics in Games
GPU Computing for Games
Advanced Visual Effects for Games
Preparing for the Great Indian Social Gaming Rush
The Business of Online Games
Quality Asset Creation & Sound As A Storyteller
Open Source for Your Game Development
The Creative Core Team
Creating Successful Online Games
Sell your Game, Adopt a Game Designer!
Stretching Torque to Duplicate a Commercial AAA Game Engine in Ghajini

India GDS is endorsed by the International Game Developer Association (IGDA). Companies sponsoring and exhibiting at the summit include Adobe, NVIDIA, Ubisoft, Playdom, DSK Supinfocom and Aiga among others. Attend IGDS to get inspired, learn from the gurus who have gamed their way to success, and join a club that seeks competence to grab a share in the $43 billion global gaming development pie. Additional information on the summit content, registration information, and promotional opportunities available at

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