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Post » Tue May 24, 2016 8:38 pm

Hello Everyone

Messing around with C2 brings you lots of questions day by here is mine: ... ile%2ccapx

My problem is that I would like to change the layout scale when my character jump higher on screen, but the platform underneath would be still visible.In addition I want to keep the player on the same x position. right now its looks a bit wonky. I 've checked lots of different zoom tutorials but they are all about distance between two players and stuff. I would be really grateful if somebody could have a look at because its driving me crazy.

By the way I here is an example what I'd like to achieve.

Thanks in advance
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Post » Wed May 25, 2016 7:28 pm

I don't really want to download the "GameJolt" plugin, so I cannot open your capx.

Make sure your layout size is large enough and you have unbounded scrolling active.
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