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Post » Thu Aug 25, 2016 10:43 pm

Hello guys, I truly hope someone can help me as I sought help everywhere, including from Cranberry who is not responding. Probably a busy guy. Anyhow, I lost over a week on this one :x and I know this might not be (or it might be) connected to Construct itself, but I thought I'd give a shot here.

Anyhow, Cranberries plugins mostly work and I have the same constant problem when exporting. Thing is, I am trying to export a game that has both Cranberry plugin (Phonegap Facebook and / or Facebook Share) and when done individually, it works. However, as soon as I ad Admob or Vungle / Revmob I face a build error. It's about the dependency problem and multiple dex error. I can't make XDK accept these multiple ones and I tried literally every other plugin on XDK and the one Construct uses. So far, I managed to export it using the cordova-plugin-facebook4, but there is no log-in info or anything related to facebook that works. So I beg you, if anyone knows how to solve this. :(

I've been to Cranberries Google Plus too, where he explains what to do to solve the build error, however it's about the google play games plugin, not the Facebook one, so I don't think that work. I need both the log-in and the ads, is there any alternative to the facebook plugin or anything else? Thank you.

(Latest drivers, latest XDK and Construct 2, Cranberry plugin's purchased a week ago. Windows 8.1 x64) :roll:
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Post » Mon Aug 29, 2016 5:10 am

@AlmostDigital i was having a similar issue so I removed Facebook plugin and I use the browser object and open in a new window. To figure out what I needed for a URL, I used the following site and it works great.
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