Intel XDK Crashes

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Post » Sun Jan 25, 2015 7:25 pm

I have using Intel XDK since 2 months. Previously, I have a Win7 32 bit PC and XDK works fine. I have a lot of build by using it. Now I have a Win8.1 64 bit PC and when I start the XDK a few minutes later it freezes and not responding. I have tried about 10 times, and still the same.

I removed the cash data, I uninstal the XDK, reinstal XDK, redownload and reinstal xdk but still the same situation.

Do you have any suggestions?

i7 4710hq
16gb ram
nvidia gtx 860
java v32 and java v64 (I also tried after removing the java 64 bit but same situation)
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