Is the adMob plugin broken in latest version of C2? *solved*

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Post » Sat Feb 07, 2015 2:23 pm

I have setup adunits in admob, inserted the adunits id's into the plugin object in C2 then on start of layout I preload them and then try to display them in the game.
Game was exported to IntelXDK and there made into apk with "signed" unchecked. After that I have signed and aligned the apk and then I install it directly to my android devices but when I test it no ads appear. Everything else works fine like achievements, leaderboard etc.

From what I have read about the admob plugin no manual adding of it is needed in the buildsetting in XDK right?

Please help if you can :)


Got some help over at the Shatter-Box site, turns out I had select it in the "Featured plugins" section.
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