Is this a Shoppy Mart clone or not?

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Post » Wed Mar 16, 2016 2:02 pm

We've put our main project on hold for a while to work on other, smaller, but still fun games. We always liked the idea of cute hand drawn graphics, So for a couple of days I brainstormed ideas and voted for the top three best ones. I really liked this one that sounded enjoyable. A humorous game where you'd work at a store with hand drawn things and you'd have 3 options of jobs, meaning there would be 6 different ways to end the game (2 for each job). But, I don't like to clone games like this : ... phone-ipad or ... aft_clones :roll: . So I looked our game ideas up and found this : and it's pretty close to our game idea D; (except it's not hand drawn, it's done on a computer.) Should I still make this game? Because I think it would be really fun. Thx all! :D 8-)
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