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Post » Wed Jul 11, 2012 8:29 pm

Is it possible to make a platformer similar to Metal Storm on the NES?

Example: Metal Storm Stage 2
Notice how the level wraps from top to bottom.

Is this possible to do this in Construct 2? If so, please explain or post an example.
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Post » Wed Jul 11, 2012 8:55 pm

Any kind of 2D game can be achieved in C2. So yes, such a game is possible to make using Construct2.

But stuff like the projectiles wrapping only top/bottom, you will have to make such a game behavior with events.

For examples on how to make most of the basic stuff in a platformer game, check the tutorials how to make a platform game and building a platform game, a beginner's guide and complete with checking the how do I FAQ at the sections "Sidescroller/Platformer genre" and "Platformer behavior".

Check this documentation and most of your questions should be answered.Kyatric2012-07-11 20:56:05
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