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Post » Mon Oct 24, 2016 3:25 am

Problem Description
Issue when you write into a TextBox and when the keyboard opens on the phone

Attach a Capx ... tUUU0/view

Description of Capx
This is a simple application that contains several TextBoxes. You need install this project on the phone, and test writing in the Text Boxs. When the TextBox is very close to the bottom of the screen, show a big black space or can’t open the keyboard or you can't see the TextBox. The behavior depends on the phone type, but all have problem (Windows Phone, IPhone and Android)

Steps to Reproduce Bug
    Open this project on the phone
    Type in all Text Boxes
    Look at the behavior of the Text Boxes closer to the bottom when you type

Observed Result
When you type in the TextBox closest to the bottom, it show a big black space above the keyboard and under the Textbox or can’t open the keyboard or you can't see the TextBox.
Please wach the video at this link: ... W91b1VtWkE so you can understand exactly what I'm experiencing

Expected Result
I expect the keyboard to function so that I can write a text

Affected Browsers
    The browsers are not affected because when you type it does't have a keyboard.
    So the problem only happens when you test in the phone

Operating System and Service Pack
Windows 10
Windows Phone 8.1
IPhone 9.3.4
Android 4.4

Construct 2 Version ID
R233 64bit
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Post » Mon Oct 24, 2016 3:30 am

I said earlier the problem is in applications in the phones, not the web browsers.

Sorry, but the scale type "LetterBox" does not work well on iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone.

I don't know if you built and installed the application on a phone to actually see the behavior, not only on the net or a browser because as we all know the behavior is not the same.

So we did the tests for the three phone companies and we made a video so you can actually see the problem.

In this link you can watch the six videos: ... W91b1VtWkE

We tried scale "Inner" and "Letterbox" for each: iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.
Notice that the behavior is similar in Windows Phone and iPhone, but Android is different.

You said that with the "LetterBox" scale that it works well, but if you look at the video you will see that is incorrect.

1) iPhone and WP reduce the entire screen but maintain the same size of the letters making the application look very ugly and unprofessional. In WP it is even worse as it leaves a rather large black space.
2) Android keyboard hides the "TextBox" and you can't see what is being written.

1) With iPhone when you write in the "TextBox" # 5, it makes a space in black hiding all the application screen and you can't see anything being typed. In the "TextBox" # 4 you can see something but still, it shows a band in black leaving the application rather ugly.
2) With WP when you try writing in the "TextBox" # 5, the keyboard opens and closes suddenly and you can't write anything. Then in the "TextBox" # 4 you can write well, when you open the keyboard but there's also a very large black box that reduces vision to the size of the "TextBox".
3) With Android when you write in the "TextBox" # 5, # 4 and # 3 the keyboard covers the "TextBox" and you can't see what you're writing.

Is it not possible that the logic of C2 concerning this topic has an issue?

How is it possible for us to build an application that users can write, enter data, and function properly across all platforms as thousands of other applications that already exist do?

Hopefully these videos can serve to find some kind of solution.

We are trying to be constructive with our criticism; we do enjoy and see a lot of value in the Construct 2 software and we hope that it will keep getting better over time.
Posts: 40
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