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Post » Tue Dec 06, 2011 6:14 pm

FF 8.0.1

* On the default games list page when the mouse is over the thumbnail of a game, the label is always "game_name is a game created with C2...".
I'd rather have the beginning of the description of the game. If you, on the long term, want to be able to accept HTML5 games that were not made with C2 and have some differenciation, make a badge in the game's page.
For the final user, it doesn't really matters how/with what tool the game was made. Just a suggestion/thought.

* On the same page I'm a bit lost with the display/rating relation.
For example right now, I see Jumping cow featured, ok. (3.64 with 11 votes)
Space blaster as "headcolumn", why not. (3.29 with 17 votes)
Fatal Parsec (3.29 with 7 votes)
Tdroid Bounce (3.87 with 15 votes)
Jumping cow (again)

This for the action column.
This seems pretty randomn. On reload I find out that the majored featured game is the one that is randomly displayed in fact.

So I'd like some enlightment on the way you decided to rate/display the games in that column.

Just for discussion/enlightment.

* Trying to download the xml-list, I get a server error (in french, nice touch )
XML analysis error : bad formating
Location :
Line number 681, Column 23 :          
<instructions>Left & Right arrow to move, Up arrow to fire thruster.</instructions>
[/quote] and a line that shows the space between "&" and "Right".
Just for issues report
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Post » Tue Dec 06, 2011 7:51 pm

I would also add a suggestion for a section for touch based games... once some exist. heh

My niece got herself an Ipad2, and was complaining that it was limited by a lack of flash.
Of course I had to enlighten her on html5, but had no way to show what it could do, other than show Ashley's magnificent preloader.
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Post » Thu Dec 08, 2011 5:11 pm

Thanks for post, stars are being displayed incorrectly will fix this, XML should be working now as well it doesn't seem to like & symbols so will filter for those.

For the way games are displayed on the homepage:
- The featured games are just ones me and Ash pick. They can change a lot, we try and add new ones in replacing old ones every now and then. Just gives games we like a bit more exposure.
- On the same page each category lists the games that are top rated. So the front page should show the best games. The stars are coming out a bit wrong but that's how it should work.

Hope that clears it up!
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