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Post » Tue Aug 01, 2017 10:51 pm

I know that sometimes we start making games and then will stumble upon something that we don't know how to do/fix and thus are unable to make progress until we figured it out. Sometimes something so small and simplistic can cause a major disruption. And most of the time it can be frustrating. I am willing to help you discover the solutions to these problems and issues that you are dealing with so you can continue with you game.
NOTE: I am willing to help with an issue or offer advise NOT to make the entire game for you.
That is done in the other post: request-your-own-free-templates-code_t188667 , Which is used to create a template/Basic structure.

Manner of receiving help:
- for advise or a small bug fix can be asked on forums
- more complex problems can be resolved by sending me your capx of project by email: [email protected]
Note: do not send a link to your capx on the forums because anyone can grab it.

My terms:
>Privacy: I will not use/send your capx/code to anyone unless granted permission by author
- This goes for any graphics or any other added accessories that are not provided by scirra.

Important notes: I will not work on your project if: You have custom plugins/behaviours, Your request is to large(like "make my game for me")
- I will try to help as so as there is time available.

You can download already made templates here:
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Post » Wed Aug 02, 2017 7:54 pm

Thank you, we often do not know where to look for help ...
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