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Post » Fri Nov 06, 2015 6:34 pm

Thanks RoJo, I'll give that a try. It actually sounds like a much better idea as it won't tax the physics engine as much . And you may be right, it may be that the animation physics calculations are causing the issue. But I just ran this with just the two sprites on the screen, one animated and one not, went and took a nap and when I came back, it had crashed.

I'll do some testing with animations turned off and see if that makes a difference. Thanks for the ideas.


I dropped 100 animated sprites on a layout, I turned animation looping off so it did run once. I did a foreach every second and applied a random physics force at a random angle. And it doesn't seem to crash. If I turn the animation loop on... it crashes. I also tested 100 sprites as bullets with the animation on, no crash. And, as you suggested, I pinned the animated sprite to an invisible non-animated sprite with physics and... no crash.

So, it seems you are correct. It's the combination of physics and an animated sprite that runs into the memory limitations. Your method seems to be a great workaround. But I certainly wouldn't have guessed it.

Thanks again.
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Post » Thu Nov 12, 2015 2:48 pm

.capx link returns "that page can't be found", so closing.
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