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Jugglers' Battle — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

?In this game, you play as two magicians/jugglers that have to throw magic fireballs at each others hat! There are 14 different levels (scenes) in this game and in each one, there is one hat at each side of the screen. Whenever it is a players turn, he/she should choose the direction and angle that he want to throw, then click or touch and hold the fireball button to fill the power meter at top of the screen and then release it to throw the fireball. Your goal is to hit the other players hat at the other end of the screen and if you succeed, you will earn a point and then will go to next level (scene). And dont forget about the broom icon at top of the screen (right side). It shows the winds direction and the number near it shows its strength. You must consider and take into account the wind before throwing if you want to hit the target. Just note that this game is very difficult and it takes a lot of attempts to hit the target!

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