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Post » Thu Jul 26, 2012 1:57 am

Here its in spanish ;]
Anyway, nice graphics, I would drop the loading screen with the orc as its confusing.
The controls need a bit more work, maybe scaling the character down a bit would help.
The mechanic of the green plasma is not very clear yet. ;]
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Post » Thu Jul 26, 2012 4:27 pm

Well, the game is both in spanish and in english, on the main menu screen there is a tab that you can click to change it, also on the pause menu there is that same tab again.

I'm thinking of working on a loading bar for the loading screen, maybe that will make it clear that it IS just a loading screen :S (most people think that the orc part is the game... that's really bad T__T), about the controls, what is it that you feel need more work? for example, a couple of friends have been telling us about the jump mechanics, so we've been tweaking them a bit and it feels better to them, but what feels wrong for you? maybe that's something we haven't noticed.

And about the green plasma, I don't want to use text to explain stuff all the time, I like it old school, so the first part of the level was designed that way to make the player try different ways to interact with the ooze, to learn on its own. Do you think maybe we could do it some other way? or... what's the part that is not clear? like... :P I dunno... the fact that it is not good for attacking or... I don't know... :S making the game it is really hard for me to notice that kind of stuff... if you could elaborate a bit it would be very useful :D

Thanks in advance for your time ^-^
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