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Post » Sun Nov 20, 2016 1:27 am

Hey Ashley...How are you going?

I hope you are doing well and enjoying life as much as possible...

Just wanted to say thank you again for all the
amazing work you and the team have put together into this software.. ...C2 is really amazing ...and it has come such a long way with so many features I am constantly astounded how many features C2 supports......well done.....truly salient software....I have been using it for years now and its my goto software for just about any project...even with the simple sine behaviour I am still finding new ways to implement it ..incredible stuff...thanks

however, I do have a few requests if possible....a few small implementations that I believe would speed up work flow immensely.... if there were any way to slip these into the editor code tree easily, I would be very much appreciative..

In the Layers Tab...pretty please...if at all possible, could we get some additional controls such as

:arrow: {some way to select multiple layers} maybe I missed it in the manual but I don't seem to be able to select multiple layers ..additionally, to be able to apply layer triggers (such as hide or lock) to the selected layers would be a nice feature and again speed up work flow.

I know this one might be a huge ask....but is there any way we can have

:idea: {layer groups} layers within layers?

I know I know..I am being crazy here.. :roll: because it would mean each layer would need to inherit the parent layers attributes such as parallax etc but I do think there is some useful merit in a system initiated this way..if it could be planned correctly....what do you think?

okay that's more than enough from me...and if I have made some huge booboo by missing some obvious feature..please correct me ..anybody although I read as much as I can ...I have missed things in the please correct me if I am in error :)

Thank you again Ashley for your amazing dedication and commitment to this...The
greatest web tool available today...sooo much good here ...cheers bud..try not to work too hard :geek: ;) :D
When in doubt..or you are lost in a Zombie apocalypse or someone is giving you a hard time..Remember one thing..... Read the Construct 2 will save your life.:)
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Post » Sun Nov 20, 2016 8:31 am

Layer groups could be helpful, so I vote for that.

As for selecting multiple layers: It has been asked already (also to select multiple sounds, etc..) and hopefully we can expect that in C3.
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