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Post » Sun Jun 29, 2014 1:49 pm

Recently i have tested many thing i have tried CocoonJS , Intel XDK using cordova , crosswalk etc etc

My game requirement were to make the game in html5 including the signup forms etc. To do that i have made my whole APP using APP Framework through intel XDK ...this works great on IOS IPAD , Android and window 8 phones... Now the critical part is came i need to merge my construct2 game canvas in my application which is build in intelXDK....

At first i have exported my whole construct2 game in crosswalk and then i have merged the js and required html scripts in my intel APP which is made with XDK ... It works fine even on the real device of android ...

But i am not sure how can i merge my c2 game exported for ios with intel app framework?? Because the exporter i have is cocoonjs which runs my game perfectly fine but exporting to the cocoonjs C2 gave me an index file with just js

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      <script src="c2runtime.js">

i feel like i am just lost ? Please help simple requirement were to use HTML5 of XDK for all the APP screen and construct2 CANVAS for the game to run...
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