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Post » Mon Apr 15, 2013 12:59 pm


I am trying to implement a zoom in and out feature.

Unfortunately I have some trouble.

According to the manual I should use Pixel Rounding: On and Sampling: Linear to avoid bluring. But I still have some.

When I use Fullscreen: Crop, Sampling: Linear and Pixel Rounding: On ? I have blurry results.
Same for every fullscreen setting and pixel rounding on/off.

When I use Sampling: Point ? I have strange artefacts on my sprites.

WebGL is on and supported. I use the latest Firefox and have the latest drivers. Results are the same on Node Webkit export as well.

Are my settings wrong? How to achieve good image quality while scaling the layout in order to have a zoom effect?

I searched the forum and found some entries but none of the proposed settings worked for me.


Here is a better side by side screenshot, where you can see the blur.

For larger picture:
Raziel2013-04-15 13:29:39
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Post » Mon Apr 15, 2013 6:58 pm

In computer graphics, you pretty much only get these two options. You can try drawing the source image at different sizes to see how it's affected by scaling. But most games either avoid high-contrast graphics which makes that effect obvious, or use a limited range of scaling that prevents the effect becoming obvious. Or you can just choose one of the sampling methods and use it anyway.Ashley2013-04-15 18:58:38
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