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Post » Sun Nov 16, 2014 10:15 pm

Hello everyone,
I just posted a new app which was especially developed so that young children can learn to play piano by ear.
The only pre requisite is to know the colors red, blue and green as well as how to count to four.

A special "THINK YOU" goes out to backhornet for improving and optimizing the backend.

The usage is quite simple (as it should be):
Above the keyboard are four bars of music. Each bar holds four notes. Which notes doesn't matter as long as the color coded keys match the background of red, green or blue.
Tapping (clicking) on a bar changes the background color. The last bar stays red because otherwise, the song doesn't feel to be finished.

Once I have a little more time, minor chords will get added and maybe I can find room to expand to eight bars instead of four.

If you have a little sister or brother who loves to play ... this app should be FUN. :)

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