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Hey Guys,

Here's a simple little car chase game I created for LEGO to promote their City Police range in Australia and New Zealand:

It was designed for mobile, but should work on desktop if you make your browser window roughly landscape mobile aspect ratio. Unusually for a mobile "gamified" ad unit, the campaign was running exclusively on a certain enraged avian physics game, so it was built purely to be played in landscape. Research seems to suggest that people strongly dislike having to change the orientation of their phones for ads!

The client was unable to source images of the featured cars from the top down angle used in the game, so I had to create all of the in game graphics in Photoshop, the obstacles were created in Cinema 4D.

The target audience was fairly young so the game is pretty easy and doesn't have a lot of replay value, but the whole thing was created in about 4 days and the campaign performed well so the client was happy which was the main thing!

I also used C2 to produce a couple of other creatives for LEGO as part of the wider campaign, one for Friends:

And one for Nexo Knights:

They're a bit less game-y than the Police Chase one, but using C2 allowed me to quickly add a lot of pizzazz with things like particle effects and interesting tweens, all running at 60fps which would not be possible with the industry standard mobile rich media ad building tools ( @Ashley & @Tom creative agencies will love C3 with a slightly tweaked export option).
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