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Post » Sun May 26, 2013 12:54 pm

I'm making a simple isometric level editor. Basically, you right click on the editor and a tile will be created on the layout in a certain place that is closest to the mouse.

I used a rounding formula to specify where to spawn the tiles so that they would tesselate. However, im having trouble figuring out how to stop the player from creating tiles between tiles (if this even makes sense).

My capx @ LevelEditor.capx

Run the layout and start right clicking to create tiles. You will see what i mean when you click on a black space between two adjacent tiles, it will create a tile ontop of them inbetween them. Any way I can stop that from happening?

EDIT: It also has the habit of leaving black spaces between tiles that it too small for another tile, another tome when they overlap.marlon6672013-05-26 13:36:43
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