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Post » Sat Mar 14, 2015 7:01 pm

Please, people, this is not about paying or not paying the C2 licence! Of course that once you make 5K$ paying 500 for a licence is no brainer, like I said, I'd even buy 2 licences, so I can have someone help me :)

Regarding a lawyer, like I said, (and I know non of you read what I actually wrote, you yust read "bla, bla I'm stingy and want to evade paying for the licence, bla bla bla"), this is something that Scirras support recommended doing if you plan on making a carrear out of game dev.

Once you start earning serious money from your games, of course you need a lawyer! Wouldn't you want to protect your assets (graphics you drew, characters and game mechanics you developed...), and wouldn't you like to be shure that you don't violate anyones copyright? Remeber the whole story about Flappy Bird and Nintendos "Green pipes"? -> applenapps. com/app-store-news/flappy-bird-pulled-from-the-app-store-at-nintendos-request.html#.VQSCROHGr64

Also, this guy was apparently reported by Flappy Bird dev for copyright violation -> toddmoore .com/2014/06/06/flappy-bird-is-flapping-about-copyright-infringement/

So please, please, stop telling me "once you earn, why wouldn't you pay, bla, bla, bla..."! I started the thread with two very speciffic questions, and none of which was "How can I not pay for licence and sell my game for 5K"...

If I wanted to be cheap bstard I'd PBay C2...
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Post » Sun Mar 15, 2015 5:48 am

0.99 * 400 = 396

Minus 0.30 = 278 towards your upgrade.

"The individual is permitted to make up to $5,000 USD lifetime revenue (or equivalent in other currencies/payments/benefits) from their creations. This includes but is not limited to revenue generated through advertisments, in app purchases, sale of content, licensing of content, contract work.

If you generate more than the above stated revenue you must ugprade your Personal Edition License into a Business Edition license within 14 days regardless of if you intend to continue use of your license or not."
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