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Light-hearted RPG Vendors — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

This soundtrack bundle was composed around this concept:

"The 4 legendary heroes need a break from time to time, check out all the places theyll hang out at, in this lighthearted JRPG inspired quest to save the old kingdom!"

This bundle contains 5 different tracks for you to use in fantasy games such as retro JRPG games:

  • Item Shop : Lower Prices Top Quality! 34 seconds loop.
  • Town Fair: Homeboy Celebration. 38 seconds loop.
  • Inn: Night Hours. 77 seconds loop.
  • Bar: Happy Hours. 31 seconds loop.
  • Alchemy Shop: Shiny Trinkets. 34 seconds loop.

Composed by Dmitry Jbanov

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