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I've had these two niggling issues with some pinned behavior so I kinda wonder what I'm doing wrong or what else I should try to alleviate. Here's a gameplay video with most of the problems I'm talking about here:

Gameplay Vid

I'm the crazy bee game guy. Pegs are spawned at beginning of match and each peg is assigned a random health value that I store in the peg. I then shoot that value to a text field and the text is spawned to each peg. So when the peg dies, the text box dies with it. My problem is (and it happens randomly...grr) the LAST peg to be knocked off the board will go away but its text box is left behind for a while then "may" disappear. The part in the video is at ~1:30. The Peg gets slowly sapped of HP and goes to zero(which usually you don't even see since the peg is told do destroy itself at 0) and the "0" remains to the very end.

Peg Health Remains after 0

Secondly, when a peg goes to zero, it spawns pollen. Pollen accrues a multiplier and has a quota to be captured, so I slap a multiplier count in a pinned text box and a flashing arrow pointing at each pollen to help distinguish importance.

When Pollen is on-screen > Spawn PollenMultiplier Text
Trigger Once             > Spawn Looky Arrow

But not every Pollen spawns with these two, some come out with nothing while one right next to it has both tags. This happens quite frequently throughout the video, just look for a naked pollen ball! You'll also notice that the pollen might randomly spawn the two assets somewhere on its journey downward. Lower right hand on this clip, the peg spawns naked, but right before it is harvested it acquires the text and arrow:

Magical disappearing and reappearing!

Hesitant to post a capx but if anyone thinks they can sort it out PM me and I can share. Or throw ideas at me to try. Oh the current game is here:

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