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Post » Wed Jan 18, 2012 1:38 pm

[QUOTE=7Soul]CC is an open source project that has been discontinued, too bad in my opinion, I really like it but I hope C2 gets even better than it[/QUOTE]
its not discontinued. Its still open source, and there is another version releasing soon.
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Post » Fri Jan 27, 2012 8:47 am

Hi, sup, first post & poster here, I found the above interesting, so:

Just put months of work into a project in Game Maker 7, only to decide the bugs were too much; specifically, lack of reliable physics engine handling and problems with screen tearing, and collision checking, and slow screen response -- on a powerful enough pc with ample graphics card...damn game just wouldn't run smoothly. And yes, after all it's very possible my code just sucked ;-)

Looking for alternative make-a-game-ware, I grab a bunch of freebies off the web, including CC and C2. Preferring a stand-alone .exe over dependence on web or browser, I cull C2 from the herd and install CC on both a Windows7 64bit pretty decent rig, and on an old underpowered 32bit laptop running XP.... No surprise, it runs great on Old Faithful and like crap on Big Win7 64. As do most things. Seriously.

Ah, now I see (above) CC has bugs. Oh, what the hell, so do we all. Nothing's perfect. Might as well just face it: You gotta design the game around the bugs. Change things, redesign, work around -- they're a fact of life, humanity, and software, and don't expect they'll ever be resolved, although sometimes they are. Being forced to alter course sometimes opens up new vistas, my game has evolved because of bugs, so I salute them.

Both sides have a point, deserving of passion and validity: On the one hand, free stuff rocks! On the other, even free stuff can piss you off.

I don't know what I'm gonna do. I've got megabytes of trippy graphics and sprites and tailor made sound files and an entire epic game, just waiting to be slipped into code. I'm mostly a graphics guy, still going through nooberty with code, so I'm lookin', alas, for an easy way out, through flattery and charity:

Were I half as smart as half as any one of you, I wouldn't have to beg: Any of you code-slinging geniuses wanna collaborate with a great graphic artist and conceptualizer on an epic game? I'll do all the grunt work and even shine your shoes!

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Post » Sat Jan 28, 2012 10:06 pm

I'd accept the explanation that C2 is the fix to CC if it exported to .exe, but that's really the big difference and why I don't use C2.

Granted, I haven't noticed any horrible bugs in Classic and I actually like it a lot more than most of the programs I've used in the past. So I am grateful for it, it's just that the explanation doesn't really satisfy me. It seems like a small reason, and it's only one thing, but the lack of .exe export just doesn't feel like any kind of fix. It's like how in some yearly sports video games, you see them taking out features sometimes. It doesn't bother everyone, but sometimes there is a small group that's constantly pleading with the devs to add it back in. I guess you could put me in that category. So I do hope you guys add .exe support in the future.
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