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Post » Wed Jun 04, 2014 10:49 am

vancouver wrote:@diogmuller
BAD NEWS, I'm working on a "grown-up" version with real notes and 8 bars of melody to compose (twice as much as now).

Maybe send me your IP address so that I can ban you .... for a while? LOL :)

P.S. If you composed something nice, make some words and record it.

Yikes, something just came to mind.
Check out this page (still needs Adobe Flash because I haven't brought it over to C2 yet)

There is a youtube video if you need it. This is more for older "people" and you might actually like it better.

The idea is to extend the lyrics from

Mommy can you tell me
... to what ever else you want to add.

Maybe I should. :lol:

I DID compose something cool yesterday, but forgot to save it :X I'm not gonna play it again today, too much work to do, hahahaha. Maybe when I get some free time :P
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Post » Wed Jun 04, 2014 11:09 pm

I composed a cool song the other day and I called it "Christmas time is here again".

I just need to find someone to record it (sing it) and then hope that Celine Dion hears it.

Hmmmm, I should put a disclaimer at the bottom that "famous people" are not allowed to mess with this app!!!! LOL :)
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