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Post » Tue Aug 16, 2016 9:37 am

Hi, i developed a basic app with some sprite objects and spritefonts.
I've added the Physic behavior on 2 sprite objects (544x544 pixels each) to let them fall as a simple animation.
Works nice on desktop, but seems too laggy on mobile. Tested on a Samsung Galaxy S5.
I think that it's a bit strange since i know that construct 2 is able to build app that should run smoothly with 10-20 physics objects. I deleted a lot of actions to make the capx simpler. The only "every tick" action was used to change the text of a single sprite font.
Exported for cordova and built and tested using intel xdk.
Any suggestion?
Here's the capx file (i can't still post it due to my reputation :c)
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