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Post » Sat Jul 09, 2011 12:56 pm

So I find myself constantly having little ideas for Construct 2 that don't really deserve a thread in themselves, so I thought I'd aggregate them here... Feel free to contribute!

1. Condition - 'Window is Resizing' - for when the application scales to the browser.

2. Layers - A drop down list to select layers in conditions/actions which require them (e.g. Create Object, Layer Is Visible). Unless creation and destruction of layers during runtime is planned. Which would be awesome by the way.

3. Arrays - The ability to specify the number of dimensions an array has.

4. Collapsing of events in the event sheet, as in CC. Was very useful for organisation, I found.

5. Arrays - For Each Element where axes are specified as XY, the ability to specify Z index.cow_trix2011-07-11 07:30:23
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