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Post » Sun Oct 27, 2013 10:10 am

Hey everyone,

I almost finished a new app and today I was testing it on diffrent devices.

I got really frustrated when I saw that the app was working fine in browsers and on android, but some how not on the iphone. The highscore did not get saved.

That was really strange because it was the same code and it wasn't a problem with the local storage at all. I got another local key for game settings and that was working fine on iphone.

Then I figured out that my highscore local key was named "Highscore_Speicher" (Speicher = Storage in german^^).

I removed the "_" and it worked.

So I just want to share the info if you are developing for cocoonjs/iphone that you shouldn't use "_" in your storage keys (On cocoonjs/android a "_" is not a problem).

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