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Post » Tue Jan 31, 2012 10:17 pm

Hey guys! I'm sorry if the matter in question has already been answered, I searched for "Rotation" but the results are a bit too extense. I figured I might aswell just ask for some guidance if you'd be so kind.

I followed the "Move to target" tutorial.
On click Set "Target" position to MouseX, MouseY
Set "Player" angle to MouseX, Mouse Y
Set "Player"'s Bullet speed to 200

That's the main parameter.
My problem is, on "Set Player Angle" the character rotates, wich is undesired. I need him to walk toward THAT angle, but mantain his current sprite appearance, since it's not a "TOP-view" game. (Think of the camera as "Streets of Rage"-like). He's rotating around the Origin point. I need him to "LOCK", somehow, so that his walking animation and everything else only flips LEFT & RIGHT.

Another issue I'm going to have further is going to be Player-target-monster priority acording to his Y-axis position. (So that they don't walk on the player's face.) I actually didn't got to this concern yet, but I'm to believe that I can "Every Tick" set "Object" Priority acording to the Origin point ? If it's not simple as that, I need some help, haha.

Thanks in advance. :)LemonDROP2012-01-31 22:27:45
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