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Post » Fri Jun 10, 2016 5:04 am

So I have this project I'm working on,
tl-dr; a mini project that consist of drag and drop into invisible regions and places the object there. Example: Apple into Shelve1, Shelve2, Orange into Shelve1, Shelve2

(IM SORRY, im quite desperate and have done researches, couldn't find anyone that helps)
a brief description of my work, i have Instances: Apple, ApplePlaced, Shelve1, Orange, OrangePlaced, Shelve2. (There are many Apple and Oranges)
Dragging in the Orange to OrangeShelve will Destroy the Orange, and Create the OrangePlaced at the position of OrangeShelve, and then Score+5
Dragging in the Apple to OrangeShelve will Destroy the Apple, and Score-5
Dragging in the Apple to OrangeShelve with OrangePlaced will Destroy the Apple and Score-5
(This is my problem) However, whenever it's a right decision, it plays a 'Ding!', and if it's wrong, it plays a wrong sound. And the "Dragging Apple into OrangePlaced" gives both sound because the way I'm doing is Apple Overlap OrangePlaced, Destroy Apple, Destroy ApplePlaced, Subtract Score by 10

'Apple Overlap Shelve1'
'Is Not Overlap OrangePlaced'

for the 'Right Placement' as I have many other fruits and shelves which will multiply the score.

I'm a student who learn programming, I am totally new to construct 2 and have no one else I could ask help from.
My Idea of thoughts are like,
If (Apple Overlap OrangePlaced OR PearPlaced OR MelonPlaced) {
----Destroy Apple;
----Create Apple at Start Position;
----Play Audio(WRONG);
Else //(Apple does not Overlap any of those mentioned) {
----Destroy Apple;
----Create ApplePlaced at LayerX (XXX, XXX)
----Play Audio(CORRECT);

Please bear with me and help me out, any solution to the problem I facing? ):

EDIT 1: I'm using Drag Drop, and it shows.. Else (Not Valid Here). So.. im back to square1 again...
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Post » Fri Jun 10, 2016 6:31 am

Hi !
first of all my english is not gud
but my solution is base on what i understand
suggestion is
do not destroy them
just make animation frames like
1) OrangePlaced & Shelve2
2) ApplePlaced & Shelve1
when apple overlap Apple placed change animation frame Shelve to ApplePlaced
I hope it helps you
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