Looking for event-based JS frameworks for app development.

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Hello. I belive the flow in game making apps is perfect, where you go with Action - Reaction all the time, which makes them so easy to develop.

I write apps in pure Javascript and sometimes get tired with learning every used library and it's philosophy over and over, where different developers prefer different coding styles and philosophies.

What I'm looking for is some suggestions for helpful event-driven app development frameworks.

Ideally it would like:

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when(website.loaded && user.loggedIn).then( () => {
  alert('hello', user.name)
when(website.loaded && user.loggedOut).then( () => {
  alert('hello, please log in');
when(user.changedSettings).then( (info) => {

I know this still relates to JS Promises and random js libraries, but it's still achieved through looking for a lot of libs, compiling them with webpacks, not beeing able to test on jsfiddle and so on.

Any suggestions or experiences with any web frameworks at least a little close to how easy is Construct?

My findings so far:
- https://www.meteor.com - entire environment, not testable on jsfiddle
- https://treeline.io - very limited to only few useful plugins
- angular / react js - nothing what i would call easy event-based and clean programming
- jquery? - yes, the easiest so far! Limited to only simple dom manipulation tasks
- https://parse.com/ - very nice backend for easy dev. User still has to write reactive front-end side

... other suggestions?
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